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Crazy Wheels


《瘋狂飛車》是安卓平台最具挑戰性和趣味性的橫版自行車闖關遊戲,遊戲世界基於高等物理學打造,逼真的物理模擬、滑稽搞笑的布偶動畫、困難而又致命的重重障礙,讓你體驗前所未有的冒險樂趣。釘板、鐵球,地雷、飛刀在等著你,你是否能巧妙躲避,順利到達終點?還在猶豫什麼?趕快進入《瘋狂飛車》,挑戰一個個瘋狂關卡,向朋友證明你的高超技藝!遊戲特色:- 基於真實物理學的自行車模擬- 滑稽搞笑的人體佈偶動畫- 20+個高挑戰性的瘋狂關卡,更多關卡敬請期待- 30+種致命障礙:釘板、鐵球,地雷、飛刀等
Crazy Wheels is the #1 fast-paced, rag-doll extreme sports game. Experience the ULTIMATE physics based racing game on your phone now!
Crazy Wheels offers an exhilarating mix of amazing tracks and intense challenges. Feel the speed as you negotiate your way through the deadly survival courses. Perform death defying wild stunts, witness bone cracking impacts and lose a limb or few, and take it to the extreme!
Game Features:- Realistic crash physics and crunchy sound effects- Dozens of challenging levels and more to come- Simple controls but hard to master